11 Instagram Story Ideas To Get More Views And Engagement

11 Instagram Story Ideas To Get More Views And Engagement

When you post a story on Instagram, it’s only available for 24 hours… but on the web, that’s enough. Ask any social media manager who’s accidentally posted something: every minute counts.

500 million users access Instagram Stories every day. This means Instagram Stories is a unique opportunity for businesses (58% of users say they become more engaged with a brand after posting a Story, and Stories generate a quarter of the platform’s total advertising revenue) to make money.

Whether you use Instagram for your business or just for fun, Stories are an important factor in growing your audience. Publishing your story is easy. But you don’t want viewers to just scroll through your stories: you want them to click a link button, take your survey, maybe go to your Instagram shop and pick up something tasty, or grab your new song on Spotify listen.

Here are 11 Instagram story ideas you can copy to create effective, high-quality content that will get you more Instagram views and engagement.

11 best Instagram story ideas

1. Share the post to disk or feed with a “New Post” sticker

You may notice that your Stories get more views, likes, and overall engagement than your Instagram posts. Some users only watch Instagram Stories and don’t scroll through their feeds at all.

To ensure your content continues to reach these people, share new posts (or Instagram videos) to your Story and ideally add something to increase your Instagram story views. Many “New Post” stickers perfectly summarize this promotion.

The rolls are cut off after 15 seconds. However, if you want to learn how to add a full 60-second reel to your story, check out some videos.

Hide the new post with a sticker. Like above, you can use a sticker to cover a photo you’ve posted or shared on your feed. This creates a fascinating image that makes you want to click and learn more, like a book with the cover opened.

2. Share UGC content with a sticker

Lifehacks: You don’t even have to create your content to post a funny story on Instagram.

UGC or user-generated content is a rich source of engaging content for brands and creators. For example, a fashion blogger who takes photos wearing a nice pair of shoes and then tags a shoe company has declared UGC for that company. It only takes a second for a company to share a post, and it’s a welcome change from the polished, brand-generated content you’d typically find on a company’s Instagram account.

Such content doesn’t have to be particularly beautiful. After a user shared and tagged a photo taken at an IKEA Canada cafe, the brand republished the post with a funny sticker. It’s not the Scandinavian vibe that IKEA is known for, but it’s fun and authentic. It also acts as social proof, subtly letting followers know that other users love Ikea’s meatballs.

3. Take a survey

Asking your followers to vote in a poll or indicate their preferences is a great way to engage them. It’s easy with Instagram’s integrated poll sticker. If your survey is about a product, you can link it to that product in the same story.

4. Take a quiz on your content

Test your most loyal followers (and gain valuable engagement) by using a quiz sticker and asking them questions about your brand. It’s a great way for viewers to interact with you as a creator, and answering a question correctly gives us all a little serotonin boost, right?

5. Thank your subscribers

Without followers, you’re just shouting into the void (which certainly has its place, but from a social media marketing perspective, it’s not really what we’re going for). Show them some love, thank you, through your story.

6. Share a beautiful product photo with a link to the product

Text, stickers, and emojis have their place, but a simple, clear, high-quality photo can go a long way. If you have a great lifestyle photo of one of your products, consider sharing it with a link to the product. Without any effort, he shouts that he is cute. Tip

: Fill the text field when adding a link to your Instagram story to replace the hyperlink. In place of your website, a tactile sticker can say “READ,” “CONTINUE READING,” or “BUY NOW.”

7. Announce the winner of the competition

Running contests or giveaways on Instagram is a great way to gain followers, but you can also increase engagement by announcing winners.

Publishing the contest winner in your Stories makes sense for two reasons. First, it can help inform the contest winner of their win, and second, it can show your followers that your contest is legitimate. After all, how many competitions have you entered and never heard of?

Non-winners (or people who didn’t enter first) are more likely to enter future contests if they are reminded that there is a winner.

8. Share an aesthetic collage

Not every story you publish has to have a practical aspect. Posting too many stories with polls, question stickers, and links can be a bit stressful for your followers.

Break things up by posting a nice collage (lifestyle photos of your brand if you want, or even a few cute photos from your camera roll).

9. Place one photo on top of another

By using a beautiful background photo, then selecting another photo from your album on your phone and placing a layer on top of it (look for the Camera Roll sticker to do this), you get a two-in-one photo.

This is a great way to share tweets on Instagram. It’s much cooler than a simple screenshot.

10. Share a photo with the lesson text

This is a great way to share easy-to-understand information with your followers. It’s simple and clear, so it’s a feast for the eyes. Choose a photo and a few suitable sentences.

If the message you want to convey is too long, use multiple photos as separate stories so that the viewer has to scroll to read them.

11. Use a photo editing app to create an interesting layout

There are thousands of photo editing apps designed specifically for Instagram. The options can be overwhelming (and expensive), but we’ve put together an overview of the best tools for Instagram in a practical and stylish blog post.