10 Ways to Land the Best Python Developer for Your Company

If you are in the market to hire new developers, it can be difficult to determine which candidates are best suited to work at your company. Hiring the wrong person not only costs you time and money, but can also damage your company’s reputation within the community if you must eventually fire them from their position. The best way to ensure that you hire the most qualified candidates possible is by evaluating applicants based on these 10 ways to land the best Python developer for your company.

1) Know How To Market Yourself

A good developer may not be a good marketer of his or her work, but most successful developers are great self-marketers. In order to find top talent and stay competitive in your field, you need to know how to put yourself out there. Most developers know how much they make; few actually have any idea what they’re worth in terms of ROI. Spend some time researching and outlining your selling points, then figure out how you can best demonstrate these selling points both on paper and in person.

2) Understand Where to Hire

We’ve all heard it before: work hard, play hard. That’s what you want from a Python developer. Make sure that your prospective hires understand how important fun is in their job description. Remind them of how much fun they could have at work, and make sure that they agree with your vision on workplace fun before you start interviewing them.

3) Be Patient

Don’t try to rush things and throw a whole lot of money at potential candidates. They might seem great in a face-to-face interview, but they might not be a great fit after you offer them a job and they meet your team. Don’t be afraid to take your time—and maybe lose someone in the process—in order to find someone who will make an impact for years down the road. Finding that person can take some time, but it’s worth it.

4) Be Flexible with your Budget

Hiring good developers can be hard, especially if you’re dealing with a software platform or language you aren’t familiar with. Don’t be afraid to go over budget—you may want to hire more than one developer and that could cost $100/hour or more. As long as you plan out how much time will be spent on initial development, any extra costs can always come out of your marketing budget!

5) Take Time to Read Reviews and Get References

As anyone who’s ever gone on a first date knows, making snap judgments based on appearance is rarely successful. With so many talented developers out there, it pays to take your time and make sure you’re hiring someone who will be a great fit—both in terms of their skills and their personality. In addition to asking about years of experience and technologies used, ask your top candidates for client references and reviews from previous work.

6) Engage the Developers During Interviews

Make sure you are engaging your candidates and that they aren’t just coming in, taking a seat, answering your questions, and leaving. You want them to feel like a valued member of your team; otherwise, why would they join? The more comfortable they feel with you and your team during interviews, the more likely they are to accept an offer.

7) Set Up a Contract Immediately After Hiring

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to hire, it’s important that you get a contract signed right away. Not only will it help prevent against any misunderstandings, but it also ensures that both parties are on equal footing. Both of these are good things if you’re looking at your relationship with your developer as a long-term partnership.

8) Pay on Time, Every Time!

If you want to land a top-level developer, your first impression and reputation will be set in stone as soon as they accept your offer letter. Make sure that check is in their hands by paying them on time every time. If you have some delayed cash flow issues or financial situations that prevent you from making timely payments, make sure they’re aware of it early on so they can plan accordingly.

9) Invest in Ongoing Education and Development

Hiring a developer can be difficult, as it requires finding someone who is qualified and experienced enough to work on your project. However, you also want someone with ambition—someone who is willing to continue their education and keep learning new skills. You may even want someone with an interest in or past experience in open source development, since many of today’s most important open source projects were written in Python. Make sure that you do everything you can to find quality developers who are eager to learn more about programming languages like hire python developers.

10) Give Them Room to Grow

A newer employee will value professional growth opportunities more than money. Providing ample space to learn and grow within your company is a great way to not only attract quality candidates, but retain them as well.

April 22, 2022

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