10 Skills You Need to Hire Python Developers

Though it’s an extremely popular programming language, Python doesn’t have much of a reputation outside of developers. But Python has so many different uses that its versatility has allowed it to become one of the most in-demand programming languages on the market today. If you need help finding Python developers to hire, here are 10 skills you need to have on your team before approaching them about their availability and rates.

1) They know how to code in multiple languages

It’s pretty rare that a project requires you to use only one language for all of your development needs. If you hire Python developers who only knows how to code in one language, and then he or she encounters an issue with one of your other scripts, that developer won’t be able to solve it, because he or she doesn’t know how. Ask candidates if they can work with other languages. Look for people who are able to understand new languages quickly and learn as they go.

2) They keep their skills up-to-date

The latest development tools and coding languages are constantly evolving. If your team doesn’t keep up with these updates, they’ll struggle when a project requires new skills. Make sure your hiring process takes into account whether candidates are staying up-to-date on new developments in their field. What projects is your candidate working on outside of work? How often does he or she attend conferences? Do they stay active in online forums for learning or building new skills?

3) They know databases and NoSQL

PyMongo and Django Rest Framework are important in learning and hiring. PyMongo is a client for MongoDB, and was written in Python by 10gen, which happens to also be the company that created MongoDB. Django Rest Framework helps developers create RESTful APIs more easily. It abstracts away a lot of boilerplate code required for performing CRUD operations, making it easier for developers new to developing APIs.

4) They are well versed in web frameworks

Frameworks (or libraries) in computer programming are reusable software packages of code. Web frameworks, therefore, are sets of pre-written code that make it faster and easier for developers to create web applications and sites. Web frameworks differ from regular applications or sites because they require less coding on a developer’s part; many come with a plug-and-play ability. When hiring python developers for your business, make sure they have experience using these frameworks so that you can get their work done quickly.

5) They can think like a designer

If you’re hiring a developer, make sure they have an eye for design. It’s not necessary for them to be able to create pixel-perfect mockups of your app, but it would be nice if they had an appreciation for how a design should look and how things should flow in a logical manner.

6) They have experience with data visualisation tools

Web development tools are being used by more and more people these days, but a lot of them are for either general data processing or for developers. Fortunately, there are data visualisation tools like D3.js which make it easy for non-programmers to create their own visualisations. Knowing how to code is obviously important when you hire python developers – but knowing how to use software will help your whole team be more efficient!

7) They know Git well

Git is essential when developing in Python because it makes it easy for developers to merge, branch, and pull code together. If you don’t know Git well, your team will have trouble functioning smoothly. Understand Git or hire python developers who do.

8) They understand agile methodologies

When you hire python developers, you’re hiring for a specific project. It would be a waste of your time, and theirs, if they have to learn how your company does things at every turn. Agile methodologies help your developers understand exactly what needs doing—and when—so that both parties can make productive use of their time on a daily basis. The more agile experience your developers have had in previous roles, the more likely they are to be able to hit the ground running with your project.

9) They have good communication skills

Everyone knows how important communication is in business. A good programmer who understands their domain and has a firm grasp of English should be able to clearly express themselves, even if they don’t work with other people on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important that an aspiring developer can explain what they do, why they do it and how they do it – as long as there isn’t technical jargon involved.

10) They have worked in teams before

There’s nothing more valuable than developers who can work well in a team. In fact, some developers say they work best alone—but you want them working on your team, not against it. If you can find a developer who’s worked on multiple teams before, that’s a good sign he or she is easy to get along with and will be effective for your team.